DUO Financial was founded in 2013 with the desire to build a better world by helping people in a genuine way.


We seek partnerships with well-intentioned companies so that together we can build more successful and profitable business.

We are specialists who propose complete solutions for financial outsourcing, helping our clients to manage capital and raise funds.

We are specialists who propose complete solutions for financial outsourcing, helping our clients to manage capital and raise funds.

Administrative and financial management

Budget preparation

Debt restructuring

Mentoring/board membership

Our reason for existing is precisely to create a positive impact on our clients.
From our clients…

DUO came to Girafa at a very crucial moment. We were stagnated and overwhelmed with day to day bureaucracies. In just a few weeks we managed to see the business in a different light, with more intelligent indicators, which focused on results. Decision making became quicker and we had a clearer view of the course we should take. With this, we grew our revenues 4 times in just 2 years.

Marcelo Volpe

CEO, Girafa

Ronald Heinrichs

CEO, Meu Móvel de Madeira

The STAHL Family would like to congratulate DUO for the excellent work it is performing in our organization. Excellence, dedication and competence, with a lot of success , are how we describe DUO.

Sandro Galtieri e Rose Pena

General Director and Financial Manager, STAHL talhas

DUO was important in the process of evaluating an interesting Project in the Health Sector. It was a project that already existed but needed to be reevaluated in terms of next steps. I can only be grateful for the competence of the people in the company.

Dr. Fernando Maluf

Oncologist, Beneficência Portuguesa SP e Hosp. Israelita Albert Einstein

Duo added a lot of value to our company, mainly in the renegotiation of our debts and support in the financial analysis of our company, which facilitated the decision making process.

Raimundo Di Sciascio

Managing Partner, Rake & Rai Telecomunicações

Duo helped us and elevated our restaurant to another level, using simple and organized methods.

Leonardo Yunes

Partner and CEO, Kosho

I can that delivery was above expectations. I am very satisfied.

André Sachi

Partner and CEO, Caruso Lounge

To treat Duo as simply a consulting company, would be very unfair. For beone, to have Duo with us was decisive so that we where able to leverage or business plan, attract the right and create an efficient corporate governance. To work with Duo is to understand the difference between a product and a relationship. In other words,, it is the difference between a simple financial analysis done in an excel worksheet and having incredible people that do their utmost for the company, believing in its business.
Caio Guimarães

CEO, Beone Technologies

We were introduced to Duo Financial in 2017, by Management of a large multinational bank, at a moment the company was facing financial difficulties, not only because of the crises in the segment, but also because of the political and economical scenario in Brazil in 2015/2016. The restructuring plan elaborated by Duo was well received by the employees, banks and partners. The plan was implemented through joint efforts and with transparency, reaching the established goals by pre discussed deadlines, as well as, preparing the company to continue independently. We also need to register the unique talent that allows Duo to reconcile its work with the company’s culture, which also included being sensitive to difficult moments that the family was going through, including a death in the family. For these values, with no doubt, we recommend DUO Financial

Michele Murano

CEO, Joalmi Indústria e Comércio Ltda


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